Web Analytics Services from TechnologyFace

The analysis of a successful website is more than just checking the number of visitors who landed on your site every day. Today the analysis metrics have changed significantly with many new analytics techniques and tools coming to the fore. Depending on your type of industry and business, you have to identify different Key Performance Indicators for your website. Your web analytics tool and dashboard must be customized so that you only get relevant information and not just loads of unfocussed data. This is where TechnologyFace can help you.

TechnologyFace provides customized solutions that address the unique requirements of your website. We provide you with web analytics services that can improve the performance of your site. With a better website that is more functional, you can experience better conversion and thereby increase your bottom-line. By investing in web analytics you can maximize the revenue you get from your site.

Opting for web analytics

Here are a few reasons why you must consider opting for web analytics:

  • You can better understand how your visitors are experiencing and interacting with your site. Based on this, you can make your website more functional and easy-to-use
  • You can get a better insight on your website. You can improve your site and enhance a visitor's experience at your website
  • Web analytics can help you understand the conversion rate of your visitors and provide you with solutions to maximize the conversion rate
  • With data on your site's entrance pages, exit pages and visitor activity, you can take actionable steps to improve the performance of your website
  • Find out the traffic patterns on your site and get information on where they break down
  • Web analytics can help you maximize the potential of your website
  • A/B testing can help you decide which site design is working in your advantage. This way you can choose the best site design for your website

All this can result in an increased bottom-line and improved ROI!

The web analytics process at TechnologyFace

Web Analytics Process

TechnologyFace web analytics expertise

Tool expertise: Our team has expertise in all the mainstream web analytics tools including Google Analytics, Adobe Omniture, Unica NetInsight, Coremetrics, WebTrends, ClickTracks, and more. We have talented and qualified professionals who are skilled in the field of web analytics. Our team is always aware of the changes that are taking place in the web analytics industry.

Customized solutions: We can help you implement and configure web analytics tools specifically for your site. Most tools have "use for any site" settings that may not apply to your site. The right configuration of your tool can provide you with accurate data. We can also build customized solutions to meet your analytics requirements.

Focused data: Our web analysts create dashboards that visually represent your data and contain only relevant information. By looking at a dashboard, you can quickly see the data that you require at a glance and make informed business decisions.

Flexible engagement models: Whether you have long time or short time targets to achieve, we can customize our service plans to suit the unique requirements of your business. Our mission has always been to ensure that our clients always get the high quality service that they require.