Bulk Email Marketing
Bulk Email Software

Sending bulk email is a keystone element in all marketing strategies to accomplish business goals such as maximizing ROI on customer acquisition and building lasting brand relationships. Comm100 offers you the bulk email sender that is a must-have for permission-based bulk email programs.

Bulk Email Program ≠ Spamming

Our bulk email service is not for unsolicited mass emailing, commonly known as spam. Spam refers to sending mass emails for commercial purposes without prior permission from the recipients. If the recipients have given you permission to send them promotional emails, you are safe to send bulk emails to them. In this case, it's a permission-based bulk email program instead of spamming, and you are welcome to use Comm100's bulk email service.

More Than Bulk Email Sender

Choosing the right bulk email service is essential to the success of a bulk email program. Comm100's bulk email software (also known as Comm100 Email Marketing) is not an ordinary bulk email sender. Comm100's bulk email software provides you with all the powerful features you need to get the most out of your bulk email program.