Search Engine Optimization

Every day, millions will use search engines to find products or services SEO refers to a wide-range of activities designed to assist your website in securing top spots at major search engines, such as Google, and boosting the size of your website's traffic.

Here's something to show you the importance of being on 1st page of Search Engine Results. These statistics come from an AOL report, about the amount of click through traffic that each website gets, based on its ranking on the Search Engine Results page.

You can benefit in many ways from our services for E-Commerce :

How does SEC work:

• Search Engines use an algorithm to determine the ranking order for a given keyword.

• In very generic terms, there are two types of optimization activities that help your site rank: on-site and off-site optimization.

• The on-site work is revolved around changing textual and 'meta data' to better reflect relevancy of the keywords you are targeting. This does not involve 'keyword stuffing' but rather ensuring that on a both structural/technical level and semantic level, your site is putting the most relevant face forward to the Search Engines.

• Once your site is optimized with initial on-site changes, a majority of the daily work is contained within off-site work.

• The search engines use the amount and type of links pointing into your site to establish strength, authority, trust, and relevancy.

• Think of each link as a vote - except not every vote is created equal, and each vote contains specific parameters which make it more worthy, strong, and relevant.

• Our daily task is to build a variety of links into your site in a diverse and organic way to help build link-popularity and equity which will boost your site's ability to start ranking for its targeted keywords.

What we Provide:

• Understanding your business & Strategy building

• Keyword & Competitor Analysis

• Website Analysis and Recommendations

• Link Building and Development for your website

• Continued Monitoring and Optimization

Why us:

• ROI Focus

• Systematic Approach

• SEO knowledge sharing

• Ethical SEO

• Organic SEO

• SQL/Databases


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